Monday, August 21, 2017

Professional Property Management

If your business is seeking commercial property management Phoenix area locations or any Phoenix Valley neighborhoods, an experienced full service management company can take either full control of the property handling all the day-to-day activities including coordinating maintenance and repairs, or they can just market and lease the property for you and have whatever other part-time duties you assign them. 

You can self-manage what you want to personally handle.  However, if you want to free up your time or want to expand your purchase of other properties, hiring a property management company will prove to be a smart, time-effective, and cost-effective investment.

Choose a property management company that is specifically dedicated to and well-qualified in commercial property management or which has a team devoted only to commercial projects. Contact those that interest you for descriptive details as to what they provide and ask for a free quote. 

They will tailor a services package to fit your specific property's needs, no matter what size and type it is. Once hired, they will inspect the property, do comparative market analyses and take photographs, have a thorough screening process to find the right tenants including credit and criminal background checks, collect rents and make direct deposits of rents to your account, handle lease compliance and enforcement as well as legal action and eviction if needed, comply with any regulatons, do the accounting and provide financial statements, help with asset management, and other important services.

When you review the contract, make sure you understand what tasks and exact costs are included in the  fee, be sure there are no excessive additional potential charges, and discuss that your goals and the goals of the team are aligned with each other. 

Also, make sure that the management team is known to be friendly and attentive as well as  professional in the treatment of your tenants because the members of the team will be representing you. You want to keep those tenants happy, so use good interview techniques on the people on that team.  

Paramount Property Management and Realty is a fine example of a company that you can depend on. It has a mission to provide  the most trusted and dedicated property management in Phoenix and its surrounding cities and to insure the clients' complete satisfaction.  

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