Monday, March 3, 2014

When It's Too Hot You Just Want To Soak In Cold Water

So it's beginning to warm up here... and I mean temps going to as high as 32 degrees (but feels like 42 degrees). Ugh! The scorching heat of the sun bites through the skin (literally!) that I wish I could just soak in a tub of cold water forever. But taking a bath for my little girl is another story. I would have to heat up water first to mix to her bath water so she doesn't get goosebumps and shiver while in the bathroom. Which would make me end up wishing that we have a heating system that will allow me to have control over thebath water temperature. Hot water heating calgary anyone?

Now that summer is just around the corner, it is really essential that we have a good supply of water so we can indulge in taking long cold waters without worrying about water running out. In the place where my MIL lives, water during the day is a problem because their area is elevated and there is a large shopping mall just nearby. We don't stand a chance of getting water in the day. And we would have to store up water in big containers in the late evening or during the dawn depending on when the water supply comes back just so we can have water for washing, bathing, cooking and laundry. Which makes me up wishing (again!) that we have a water tank to hold in an ample amount of water. I wish I could just call up someone to install a cold water tank in our area (or even hot water tanks calgary). Then we wouldn't have to worry about water running out. 

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