Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Frozen-Themed Birthday Party: Free Printables

My daughter is turning 6 soon and since arriving here in sunny and warm Philippines, she keeps on watching the Disney film "Frozen" and fell in love with it. She is even trying her best to master the song "Let It Go" and I have to help her translate since she doesn't understand the entire lyrics. She is almost there so maybe on her birthday, she will be able to sing it. Crossing fingers!

When I asked her what kind of birthday she wants to have, she told me she would like a Frozen party, complete with all the snowflakes, snowman and Queen Elsa dress! It will be a challenge for me since it's warm here. Thankfully though, it is a very popular theme these days so party ideas are readily available on the Internet. So I have to start one step at a time.

First I need some printables for the invitation. Am so glad I found these Frozen Party Printable Set for free over at! This set includes Frozen Printable Invitations, Cupcake and Treat Toppers, Fry box, Cupcake Wrappers, Garland, Treat Bag Toppers, and Straw & Food Flags.

There is another Free Frozen Party Printable Set available with the same elements but with the characters themselves and not the sketched version. As for me, I like the first one better with the different hues of blue. It gives a more wintery and cool feel to it.
So there! That's already one item off my list. Yay!


kimmy said...

SO CUTE! we love FROZEN!

Nazi said...

Can you please how to get them printed, at home or professionally. I appreciate it.

Nazi said...
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kamz said...

Hello Kimmy. My daughter really loved it too!

kamz said...

hi nazi.. you can download them from the website offering the free printables and then have it printed at a printing shop. If you have a good colored printer, you can also print it yourself.

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