Friday, November 22, 2013

Logistics and Inventory Management

Being an OC-type of person, I think I would do well in the area of inventory management or even warehousing.  I like to put things in order and I guess this would entail a great deal of organizing and keeping within the budget. My area of study though, which is in environmental management, chemical engineering and waste process engineering is not quite relate to it. That would mean more training and specialized study to learn the basics, get more info, and know by heart the twists and turns of the trade. But whatever the reason, I still believe that I will do well in this area. 

I have had a little experiene in logistics management and I really see it as a fun way to work. You deal with various suppliers and customers: you try to fullfill your customer's demands and needs while you haggle over the price with the suppliers so you are able to stick to your budget. It's quite challenging and fun in its own way. 

If you are thinking of changing careers or just planning about your career path, this could be one of the things that you might want to consider.

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