Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween And the Mysterious Drips

On a dark and cold Halloween night, you are walking down a dark alley... it's a short cut that you usually take on your way home. You know the way... even with your eyes closed. Suddenly, a black cat cuts your way. A dog howls somewhere and the night owl hoots. You don't worry because that is just your usual evening walk home. As you are nearing your home, you suddenly notice that it is unusually quiet. No children. That's odd. It's a Halloween night.. children should be running around in their costumes and going from one door to another trick or treating. And then you hear it. Drip. Drip. Drip. It was the most unusual DRIP that you have ever heard... That very eerie drip that you hear amplified ten or more times in those horror movies that you saw. And it dawned on you that it was coming from your very dark house. Another odd thing because you always turn the basement lights before you leave for work.

Your heart goes boom boom. You are a afraid because the drip drip could only mean one thing: your plumbing breaking down. One of your greatest nightmares come to life because it means only one thing: your basement or maybe your entire house flooding. But what drives you crazy: you don't have an insurance to cover the damages created by damaged plumbing. And it is not even counted as natural flooding. Oh no! 

You rush to open your main door and a wash of water lands on your feet. How great is the damage? You still don't know... Then you called for emergency plumbing toronto because they are the most reliable there is in your area. After a few minutes, the plumbers came. Your neighbors must have heard all the commotion because they suddenly came streaming out of their homes. They have curious but relieved looks on their faces, as if saying "thank goodness for a very good plumbing repair toronto service." And the children cheered! Now they can go trick or treating....

And that is another odd thing.. Perhaps it wasn't just drip? 

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