Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Winter Is Coming

"Winter is coming..." This has always been a Stark word just as the Lannisters always say. "A Lanister pays his debts." But I am not talking about the TV series "The Game of Thrones" nor about the book where the series was based on but of the weather.

The last weekend of October saw us with the first signs of winter: snow. It was snowing last weekend, and quite heavily at that, especially in the high areas near the suburbs. It was indeed cold and I wasn't even ready for it as I haven't washed my winter jacket yet! Waahhhh!!! I had to make do with three layers of shirts and another jacket that is suitable for mild, cold weather.

It was a good thing that my hubby had a look of the weather forecast the day before so that he was able to change the car's summer tires to winter tires. Otherwise, it would be difficult for us drive around the city in the snow since the roads can be very dangerous when driving without proper winter tires. There was also a weather warning on widespread frost in our area issued by the Deutschen Wetterdienst yesterday so that drivers should take extra care.

I guess the autumn season is over, although the trees tell us it isn't just yet. I love winter but I don't like the damp cold days that come with it because my feet ache when the cold gets in my bones. I guess I should always keep myself warm to prevent myself from hurting. Also had to store up on fresh milk as hot milk chocolate never fails to drive the chills away. Speaking of which, I now have to make some... :-)

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