Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Doc McStuffins

My daughter just loves watching Doc Mcstuffins, Disney Junior's latest animated series, which started airing on the paid channel Disney Junior last 17th of September. She is always thrilled and excited each time she watches this series that I had to record every episode so that she can watch it anytime she wants. She loves the characters so much especially Doc that I would find her roleplaying with her toys and pretending to be Doc or one of the patients OR I find myself playing the role of Doc and she being the little sister instead of the little brother because according to her: "Ich bin ein M├Ądchen und nicht ein Junge.. Darum bin ich die kleine Schwester" ("I am a girl and not a boy... that's why I am the little sister")... Oo nga naman! :)

Doc Mcstuffins is about a six-year old girl Dottie Mcstuffins who wants to become a doctor like her Mom when she grows up. Therefore as a six-year old, she already takes care of needy patients. Lovingly she takes care of exhausted racing cars and torn stuffed toys, so that her toy friends call her Doc. Every time she puts on her stethoscope, the toys magically awake  and come to life, allowing her to speak to them and find out how they can be cured again. Always on her side are Stuffy the proud stuffed dragon, the cuddly sheep Lambie, the careful hippopotamus Hallie and the hypochondriac snowma Chilly. Together with her friends Doc always finds the correct treatment for the toys. From the stories, children learn how they themselves stay healthy and why they must have no fear of the doctor's visit.

I also love the original new songs that go with the series, which is unfortunately in German but very interesting nonetheless. I love the upbeat theme song and the

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