Friday, October 21, 2011

When the SSB Goes On Strike...

It was very short notice. I learned just three days ago that there will be a transport strike for the subway trains and buses yesterday. I never experienced how difficult it would be to commute without the Ubahn and buses, until yesterday.

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I had an important class to attend to yesterday so that it was important for me to get there on time. I had to hurdle many obstacles yesterday just to get to the venue of the class, which is located not within the university but at the wastewater treatment and research facility in a small town a few kilometers away from the university.

My little girl didn't want to go to the kindergarten yesterday but I was glad that she agreed after explaining to her that there will be no trains. After bringing her to the kindergarten, I had to walk going to the S-bahn station, which took almost thirty minutes. Thankfully, the S-bahn trains are not affected by the strike so that I can still get to the university. Then I had to run to catch the bus going to the Büsnau. I thought I would make it when I saw the bus loading some passengers while running up the stairs from the S-bahn station going to the bus stop. I ran and waved for the bus driver to wait for me for a while but just as I was only about 10 meters away, it drove off! Grrr!!!! With shaking legs and a growing frustration, I sat on the bench waiting for the next bus to come, which came more than 30 minutes late! I want to curse them all!

I know I could have just called a taxi but since I was being frugal, I held my ground at the bus stop. I could have just walked through the forest from the university to büsnau but I was too exhausted and I don't want to walk alone in that forest, not that it is dangerous but I just want to be safe.

So in the end, I waited for the next bus to come and I arrived at my destination at past twelve. I was lucky though because they haven't started yet.

That experience had me wishing I could drive and that we have another car. Hehe!

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