Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Autumn And It's Promise

Summer flew me by so fast. I guess I just was so busy studying and worrying about my exams so that I never really had the chance to enjoy the warm summer. On a very nice day, I was stuck inside the study halls instead, buried in the world of solid waste, waste water and process engineering. I even missed going to the Canstatter Volkfest with my family and had to trade weekends spending time with them just to study some more.

Losing your way can be an exciting and beautiful experience too! This was proof of it!
Now, it is already October and before I know it, the third semester and the lecture period has already started. I never really has the time to relax and now, I am feeling under the weather. Maybe it's my body's way of telling me that I needed a break. It has been more than three months now since we went somewhere to relax and recharge. Even going on a road trip had been impossible for us the past few months.

Along the River Neckar... On a road trip to Heidelberg, Autumn of 2010.
I would love to see the German countryside at this time of the year. It has a nostalgic and golden glow and although the days are beginning to be shorter and the nights longer, I love watching the sky glow golden red as the sun sets on the horizon. I love the feel and sound of the fallen leaves as my feet step on them, made crisp by the cool autumn air. And although it can sometimes be gloomy, wet and gray, autumn promises frost and snow.

Laternefest 2010 at my little girl's kindergarten. It was a new and fun experience for us.
I look forward to the Laternenfest at my little girl's kindergarten which takes place at this time of the year. I look forward to the day when will create her own lantern by ourselves. I look forward to snapping photos of my little girl enjoying a day at the park or the forest, running around, throwing leaves. I look forward to lazy weekends spent at home, watching DVDs or TV series or reading books, and sipping hot chocolate. Or maybe we can do something new this autumn, like visit the museums on cold, rainy days.

There is indeed still a lot to do. I just hope I won't be swept away with school work and in the flow of things.


Rachelle said...

yup! you're right, you really need a break! welcome back (?). hehe..

Kikit said...

hi ak :) take more autumn photos for us. ayoayo sa imong pagskwela. :)

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