Friday, September 2, 2011

Got Flat Warts?

Flat warts are a type of wart that is also commonly known as juvenile warts since they commonly occur in children. Medically, it is called Verruca plana. They are generally harmless but can sometimes be a source of embarassment as it is visible and usually appears on the face, neck, forehead, hands, even the underarms.

And believe it or not, flat warts are caused by a virus called the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that comes into contact with broken skin. The virus then enters the skin, grows and multiplies until the wart tissue appears. Treatment can be very easy and there are actually many wart remedies available in the market today. However, when treated improperly, can lead to more serious issues and complications.

Since they are harmless, people can just opt to ignore them and allow the immune system to fight it off. This could take years. For those who find it a source of embarassment, they could seek medical help and are prescribed drugs that would keep the skin saturated. In this way, the skin would eventually become too soft and eventually fall off, the wart with it. If this doesn't work, doctors would prescribe the application of salicylic acid to remove the wart layer by layer until it disappears. If this fails, there are other options such as electrosurgery, cryotherapy, cauteruzation, laser surgery or standard surgical removal.

Since HPV is a very contagious virus, people who have flat warts shouldn't remove it themselves by cutting them away. It will just make things worse as other parts of the skin become exposed to the virus.

And now you know why you shouldn't be sharing towels with other people. They or you could have warts and you don't want to get infected or infect others right?

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Anonymous said...

It's not really hygienic to share towels. It's not only warts that you can get from that, other skin diseases and virus too! There re a lot of home remedies and over the counter treatments available now to treat get rid of warts. People should take time to treat it before they spread it. I remember a friend who used wartanol instead of having the doctor do laser treatment which can cause scars. I think people should be proactive when it comes to this.

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