Friday, September 16, 2011

Can I Rant?

It has been ages since I last updated this blog... Gawd! If you must know, my time is spent mostly on studying for my final exams, which by the way is taking like forever to be over! I just had another exam this morning and it was by far the worst exam experience that I had. I thought it shouldn't be that difficult knowing that it's an open book exam but boy, was I very wrong! The idea that you have other materials to look at while doing the exam at first glance is comforting but in reality, it isn't much use since you don't have time to use the materials you brought in with you anyway.

And with only sixty minutes to spare? I don't think you would be able to even open your notes and books to find for the correct formula. I say why not make it a closed book exam but provide all the necessary formulas instead? That should save us some time.

I was shaking while I was writing and solving the problems for this particular exam in Mechanical Process Engineering knowing that I only have so little time. But to answer five problems with about 4-5 sub-questions is simply unmanageable for me. I think even the smartest person in our class will not be able to finish all of that in an hour.

The craziness of the educational system here. I guess it's a good training for me but I also have a life to live and a family to take care. Maybe this graduate school thing is not reallly for me after all? I guess I will have to wait and see if I passed the exams or not. Only then will I be able to decide whether I am cut up for this kind of thing.

Here's hoping for the best. :D


Kikit said...

If it's an open-note exam, the books don't usually have the answer. And worse, mas lisud ang items kay purely analysis.

Pasado ka ato K! :)

yin said...

cheer up... just think of you are not the only one who felt the same =)

yin said...

cheer up... just think of that you are not the only one who felt the same =)

MJ Rodriguez said...

it's nice to read that i am not the only one thinking that i must have been mad to go through studying again. Not that i'm enjoying your rant but i do sympathise a lot. i think it takes a special kind of person (that's us!) who can multitask studying, plus family blogging....etc. etc. etc. Keep up the good work!

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