Thursday, March 31, 2011

There and Back Again

Nope, I am not referring to the book that Bilbo Baggins wrote in the movie, Lord of the Rings, but of some circumstances in life. People always say, "been there, done that" and my mother always says "You will never what it takes to be a Mother unless you become one."

I guess in life,, we go through cycles and perhaps, that's what it meant by "there and back again." I am not trying to philosophize things though as I am not in the authority to do that. I guess I am just speaking of my experience of being a student again and of trying to keep my sanity while being a mom and wife all at the same time.

Since tomorrow is my official Spring Break, I guess I can stop being a student for a while (at least three weeks) and go back to doing the things that I have been doing before I became a Graduate Student, one of which is blogging. And then I can finally read some lipozene reviews and stuff my brain with information unrelated to environmental protection but still worth knowing.

I am smiling just at the thought of being able to finally hit the fitness studio, watching korean series and Pinoy movies that I have been dying to watch, working on my photobook projects again, spending more time with my little girl, updating my blogs, and lots, lots more. That's a lot of stuff to do in just weeks. Lol! I guess life's like that. So many things to do, so little time. And it all boils down to time management and setting priorities.


Mel_Cole said...

Me too, I need to organize my time schedule. Sa sobrang dami, nakaka-overwhelm. Adgitizing mode muna ako sis :)

holiday in Italy said...

You must be a very strong's not easy today to find such a person, involved in so many things with that passion! Lucky husband and lucky son!

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