Friday, March 20, 2009

Mommy Moments: Bonding With Cousins

mommy moments

Our vacation in the Philippines was very worthwhile because our little one finally got to meet her cousins. She has five cousins on my side of the family and five on my hubby's side of the family. I guess it meant a lot more to me than to Sam to see her play with her cousins. I have always wanted to give her a baby brother or sister whom she can play with, but then again, it is still too early to have another one. So I just contented myself with the happy sight of Sam playing with her little Kuyas and little Ates. I know she won't be able to remember all of them so that I have these photos to show her when she is able to understand.

Playing with Kuya Cheekoi and Kuya Miggy the night we arrived.

Showing her toy phone and teaching her Ate Bha-Bha,
my cousin's little girl, how to operate it.

Going for a drive with her Kuya Miggy.

They are on top of the world! At SM-Davao with the Daddies and kids.

With her Kuya Josh and Kuya Nathan during her birthday celebration.

Playing a game with her cousins and kid-friends with
Piglet and Tigger during her birthday celebration.

With Hanhan's cousin Prete and her little Nash
who turned a year old last March 3rd.

How about you? Do you have a Mommy Moment too? Share it with us here.


genebei said...

wow..buti pa baby mo nakabonding na mga cousins nya…hopefully next year makauwi din kami…nice pictures you’ve shared to us…

chris said...

wow, nice pictures! :D its good that your precious one has a lot of cousins and that she got to meet them…

Enchie said...

Sam looks really happy to play with her cousins. And the dad with kids pictures really nice :D

pehpot said...

super cute! is that fro real? cheekoi? coolness ung name :)

enjoy na enjoy ung baby mo with her cousins no..

siblings and cousin time is here :)

sassy mom said...

Wow! Lovely pics. Looks like Sam enjoyed the vacation. Happy weekend!

Lynn said...

I love that picture with the dads. That will be fun looking at when the kids are older.

pehpot said...

Kurak na kurak! naloloka nga ako pag andito mga pamangkin ko LOL wala ka na tatapakan sa sobrang kalat LOL
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