Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I have always believed that home is where the heart is. And for me, my heart will always be where my family is. Being an expat here in Japan with my little family makes everything worthwhile. But there will always be a part of me that longs for my family back in my first home, the Philippines. Me and hubby felt the need to come home to our families in the Philippines and so we scheduled it in time for our little one's baptism and first birthday.

The family was away for a two-week vacation to the Philippines. It was quite a memorable one... owing to the fact that it was to be our daughter's baptism and first birthday celebration and of course, seeing our families and friends once again after quite a while.

I for one, am excited to come home. But I crammed during my preparations (I did the packing the day before our departure) and I didn't hear the 4:00AM alarm and we woke up at almost 6:00AM! All of us were in a frenzy indeed! We had no more time to spare to buy some pasalubong and only managed to grab a few boxes of Meiji chocolates.

The family at Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan.

We flew China AIrlines and had to make a stopover in Taipei, where we had to make a transfer and board another plane for Manila. After arriving Manila, we had to make yet another transfer from NAIA 1 to NAIA 3 to fly to Davao. It was a very tiring yet worthwhile trip altogether.

Home at last! I didn't realize how much I've missed them until I saw them.
L-R: Me, Miggy, Mama,

We left Narita Airport at around 9:40AM and arrived Davao International Airport at 8:20PM. We were met by Tatee, Kuya Jun, Kuya (our youngest), Miggy, Mama, Nanay, Tatay, Auntie Sandra, Cheekoi and Dom. It was such a nice feeling to finally come home again and see our family again. It was especially memorable to see Samantha being held for the first time by her grandparents.

Oh yes, we were home at last!


Kikit said...

welcome back to japan k :) i believe i understand the feeling while you were writing this post. :)

niko said...

hohohoh! saya ng reunion kamz… i feel for u!! :) hohohoh post some more pics soon ha!!

namiss kta hahah :)

and yeah plastic bag origami is on my mushroom blog.. tingnan mo!! am so excited everytime may plastic bag kasi magtutupi ako pagkatapos :) saya! :)

OMM said...

it gives me a good feeling to know that filipinos working abroad would pay a visit to their beloved homeland, despite the many bad publicities about the Philippines. “home sweet home” it is always true, after all :)

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