Friday, August 24, 2012

Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy. I first learned about this medical drama series from my sister last 2007 when she came to Japan to visit us. I guess it was aired late in my home country too because the first season came out in 2005. I guess I am not that updated anymore when it comes to western shows since there aren't many English channels that the cable company is offering.

I enjoyed watching how the lives of medical interns and residents unravel with each medical emergency and procedure. You can almost say that I have a penchant for medical professionals because I had a two-month long experience with them when I had an accident as a kid. I also find the profession very noble in that they help sick people get better. They would do as much as they can to save a life.

The part I love best in the series is when they need to do surgical procedures. Although only fictional, it felt like you were also in the same operating room with them. And when they don on their blue scrubs, which is almost always, I just can't help but wish I were a doctor or a nurse too. Maybe I should look for cheap nursing scrubs so that I can also look like a medical professional. I can even play doctor - patient with my little girl, who is also fond of playing pretend and who is the best doctor there is whenever I am feeling down.

Anyway, I heard that there this drama series is already on it's 9th season, with the 9th season to be aired this 27th of September. I think I was only able to watch until season 4 so that would mean that I have been missing a lot. Will I ever be able to catch up? Only heaven knows....

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