Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Do You Wear Pearls?

Freshwater pearls for many generations have been the huge craze, fashion trends exploding, brides going nuts for the newest collection, and most importantly thousands worldwide participating in the trend. These gems, being the only ones created from a living organism allows for limitless diversity amongst the different varieties of shapes and colors. They are in fashion trends around the world and they can’t seem to escape the hearts or any women. These gems are way too desired without the high price that everyone seems to assume they are. These natural gems are worn by thousands throughout the nations and will continue to become more popular. Not only do they have powers to enhance your life, they also are very unique and diverse from each pearl, creating the statement of individuality. Personally I love them so much that I have a few sets of my own. I wear them every day, any occasion, and just about every second I get the chance to show them off, I do!

The accessories I love the most are my pearl necklaces. They are beautiful with each outfit I wear and they always happen to complete my outfit in a way I didn’t think was possible. Jewelry is a huge fashion statement and to follow all the latest trends, pearls are always incorporated someway. The simplicity with accessories like them is a wonderful thing to invest, because they honestly go with everything you have in your closet. It is a real challenge to find something they do not go well with. The extra special thing about these gems is because they are always in style they can be passed down from generation to generation and will always look just as great! Start a new family tradition and find your pearls today!

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