Friday, August 10, 2012


It was in 2003 when I landed my first job as a technical assistant for a salt company. It wasn't a very big company but it was a good learning experience working with them. The training was also good, and I learned more about salt and it's importance in our daily lives. As a technical assistant, it was my responsibility to assist the marketing team in providing product support, especially the industrial side. It was a good experience to go to different industries to conduct product presentations and all that stuff. I also got to meet the President of the company, a stout Filipino-Chinese man who has good principles, a strong personality, and who chews al capone cigars since he cannot smoke them due to health reasons. He was a strict person when the situation calls for it but very good at negotiating and explained to me the principles of agimat and swerte, agimat being a Filipino word for amulet or charm and swerte, meaning luck and how you can use this two to reach your objectives.

I didn't last long in that company though because I saw that the job entailed more marketing work even on my end. I realized that marketing just isn't the right way for me, since I am not the type of person who asks a lot of questions or is good negotiating. But it was indeed a good learning experience and I am thankful. 

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