Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Cupcake Boutique

I have read some months ago on some of my friends' Facebook statuses about The Cupcake Boutique. They are all praises and quite excited to share about this cupcake shop and I too was curious about it. Since I was busy with my Master thesis, I never really found the time to visit it with my family or friends until one day when I had to bring my daughter to the dentist for a dental check-up. We only chanced to pass by after my daughter's appointment and was really enticed by the front of the shop. It was so inviting and since it was a quiet afternoon, I decided to stop by for coffee and have a taste of their cupcakes. It was also some sort of reward to my daughter for being so brave at the dentist, she didn't even show any sign of being afraid.

I find the interior design very chic, charming and at the same time relaxing, with the main color in pink. I love how the cupcakes are arranged to form flowers on the walls. It may be a bit too feminine but I guess that is the target market - girls and women. It is a haven for those seeking refuge after a stressful day at work or on those lazy afternoons when you have nothing else to do but read a book or on days when you are craving for something sweet and chocolatey.

We both ordered chocolate cupcakes. Mine is the one with the chocolate and cherry, their version of the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (black forest cake). My daughter had the chocolate candy on top (I forgot what it was called). The chocolate cupcake was delicious, soft and moist, which reminded me of my mom's chocolate moist cake. I thought that there was too much cream topping though, which my daughter didn't like so I ended up eating half of her cupcake. 

It was a good experience for me and my little girl, we sort of had a little mother-daughter bonding. Now I know a place where I can meet up with my girlfriends for some coffee, good cake and a long chitchat. :)

Visit The Cupcake Boutique at Hirschstrasse 16, 70173 Stuttgart. You can find more information at their website at

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