Sunday, March 21, 2021

3 Gifts Every Grandparent Will Love

Sometimes it's hard to think of gifts for a grandparent. Many are set in their ways, so buying them the newest gadget isn't the best idea. It is important to remember that grandparents have seen it all. They are not going to be impressed with big fancy gifts. They value your time and your love more than anything.

Say It With a Picture
Grandparents still love pictures. An updated family portrait Pittsford NY, in a new frame is the perfect gift for most grandparents. If that sounds a little boring to you, then consider getting a picture printed on something else. Pictures can be printed on just about anything from pillows and blankets to phone cases. Think outside the box when it comes to poses. Instead of a formal pose, have a family portrait taken around your busy kitchen island, craziness and all. This way, your grandparent will remember all the times spent sitting around the kitchen.

Keep It Warm and Cozy
When you get older it's harder to keep warm. You can never have enough blankets and slippers. For a twist on this idea, look for a blanket with your grandparent's favorite sports team. If you want to personalize this idea even further, have a quilt made using baby blankets or t-shirts from your family. The blanket will smell like you and remind your grandparent of happy memories. Instead of plain slippers, get them funny monster slippers. They can have a laugh wearing them and think of you.

Give a Little Helper
Get your grandparents a robot vacuum. This may seem like a strange gift but think about it. Vacuuming the floor is a difficult task when you get older and have trouble moving around. This little helper will keep the floors clean, and your grandparent will get a kick out of watching it bump around the house. Robot vacuums are very durable and easy to operate. This is the type of gift that keeps giving.

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