Thursday, June 18, 2020

3 Helpful Tips for Planting and Maintaining Privacy Hedges

Looking to get some added privacy from your neighbors? In some cases, a natural, living screen or divider is appropriate for a particular area. A hedge makes an attractive and long-lasting screen; however, for a hedge to look good, it must be planted, maintained and clipped correctly. Here are three key tips to follow if you want to plant and use privacy hedges on your property.

1. Planting Hedges
If you’re creating your privacy barrier from scratch, it’s important to have a plan in mind as you go to plant your hedges. You’ll want to determine how dense you want your screen to be, and plant accordingly. For dense screens, plant hedges about two feet apart from one another. Consider concealing the sparse bases of your hedges by installing a trellis. A low trellis can hide a hedge if it’s too sparse or leggy. Position the trellis so that it screens only the bare base of a hedge. When digging holes to support the trellis, make sure that you avoid touching the roots of the hedge.

2. Trimming Hedges
Routine trimming is also necessary to keep hedges healthy. If you want your hedges to look formal, make sure you trim evenly and at a perfect angle. Use a taut piece of string tied between two upright posts to make sure that a hedge is level and use a template to shape the top. Always remember to put clippings to good use by incorporating them into a compost pile, but only if you know that the hedge is healthy and free from disease.

3. Caring for Hedges
Hedges need proper care in order to grow and thrive. Feed and water hedges regularly, since they are constantly clipped and grow rapidly, using up large amounts of energy. It’s also important to pay extra attention to roadside hedges. Before winter, place plastic screens around hedges that are planted near the road. This should prevent the roots from absorbing the de-icing salt and also will keep the foliage from being scorched. Caring for hedges can take a lot of time and effort. Take is easy on yourself and leave regular care to a professional provider of lawn maintenance Lakewood.

A healthy privacy hedge is a beautiful addition to any property. By following these tips, you’ll be able to plant, trim and care for your hedges, giving your home more privacy and some added curb appeal, as well!

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