Sunday, September 23, 2018

Suki and Her Injured Paw

So we were away for about four weeks for our summer vacation. Because we cannot take our Suki with us to the Philippines, one would wonder what she has been up to during this time. So where is Suki? We left her in the care of Pino at his dog hotel in Ludwigsburg.

A week before our flight back to Germany, we didn't receive any update from Pino. I was already a bit worried because it was very unlike of Pino to not give us any updates since he would send us photos and videos via WhatsApp whenever we ask about how our Suki is doing. There was a good reason for it: our Suki hurt herself on one of their walks. Knowing our Suki, she loves to be all over the place and loves to eat and swallow whatever she finds. She is like a vacuum cleaner so to speak. So anyway, we fetched her and found her with a soft collar.

Then Pino explained to us what happened. He didn't want us to worry about Suki and ruin our vacation so he waited until we got back. Suki must have got a splinter on her right paw while they were out on one of their walks. Pino already suspected something was wrong with her when he saw her limping. He checked her paws and found nothing. When it suddenly became swollen, he brought her to the vet nearby. They placed a blistering ointment on the swollen area and placed a bandage on it. The next day, they checked it again and found foreign objects and the blister burst. They stitched the paw together, gave her antibiotics and put a soft collar so she will not chew the bandage away.

Suki in her soft collar, doing on her favorite past times:
sunbathing in our balkon. There is indeed no place like home.
The poor thing... But we are thankful that Pino took immediate action and got Suki treated before it became worse. I can say that we found a very good "day care" for our Suki. And she is happy too in the company of other dogs. It was like she was also having a vacation there.

But she was so delighted and happy to see us again too. It was like it didn't matter to her that we were away for a very long time. What matters is that we are back!

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