Friday, June 15, 2018

The Eselsmühle in Siebenmühlental

The Siebenmühlental, roughly translated as "seven mills valley", is a hiking area between Leinfelden-Echterdingen and Waldenbuch in Baden-Württemberg. The name does not really correspond to the number of mills because instead of 7, it has a total of 11 mills, of which only one remains operational - the Eselsmühle.

The Eselsmühle has a beautiful history to it and today one can still take a look at the original mill wheel still intact. A visit to the Eselsmühle is a great idea to escape the humdrums and stress in the city. They also produce Demeter-quality breads and baked goods in the bakery using wood-fired ovens. 

There is also a Kaufladen (store) that sells organic and natural products and of course, animals that greeted the guests, both big and small. 

Another attraction: pony riding for the children. They usually make a short tour around the area (around 15 minutes), much to the delight of the kids. In the photos is my little girl, when she had her pony ride some 3 years ago.

 And when you get tired from all the sightseeing and hiking, you can always take a break at the Cafe. They serve organic food and beverages. Yum! It was very good!

After all that eating and drinking, you can continue on the way to explore the rest of the other mills or continue on one of the hiking trails around the Siebenmühlental. :)

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