Monday, March 19, 2018


Hello everyone! Meet the new member of our family - Suki!

She just loves her red little squeaky ball.
Suki is our five-month old french bulldog. She is one handful puppy - she loves to play, bounce about the house and sleep on our couch. She has invaded and claimed our couch for her own just a few weeks after she arrived in our house.

My not so little girl and Suki cuddling after getting home from school.
So why the name Suki? It is a Japanese word which means "to like". Everything about her is just adorable and who wouldn't like, or even love, this little creature? She is our little princess and our daughter just loves her. It is actually her dog since she has been saving up for a dog since she turned six. We finally decided on getting one because we thought that it would help her how to take responsibility for another living being.

Suki is our little bouncy four-legged family member. I must admit it is a lot of work cleaning up after her, but it is all worth it. All the stress and exhaustion from work would all go away whenever I come home and see her all so happy and excited to see me arrive. :) She still has a lot to learn and we still have a lot to teach her. We hope that she will be with us for many years to come. 

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