Thursday, September 3, 2015

Let The Music Take Your Soul

The title sounds familiar right? I can't quite point my finger on the title of the song... but I know it must have been the lines from one of the songs that I have heard on the radio. For those who love music and are in the industry, they would know what it is all about. For those who appreciate it, like I do, they could in one way or another relate.

Let the music take your soul.

I guess amplification and effects play an important role to get this result. Any musical perfrmance - a concert, a dance recital, a musical, a play, an opera, an orchestra - all of these would be dull without the right musical direction. Who wouldn't want to be taken away while watching their favorite rock star strumming his guitar at a concert? Did you see those crate amplifier parts on stage while they were performing? Or be stirred with emotions evoked by the drum rolls while watching a theater performance? Or be proud because you know one of the artists performing on stage?

Let the music take your soul... and come back relaxed and happy. :)

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