Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Living at The Garda Village

Remember I blogged about wanting to go on vacation in South Tyrol? Well, we had to move a little further south since it was where I found accommodations ideal for families. We had our short summer vacation in Lake Garda in Italy and stayed at The Garden Village in Sirmione, situated on the south of the lake. 

We had a bungalow for our five days accomodation and I thought it looked very good: the mini kitchen was newly equipped with a two-burner electric stove, a fridge, lots of storage space in the cupboards, cookware and tableware; there was a flat TV with some German channels in it; there was also an airconditioning unit although we never really used it since it cooled down in the evenings. It looked clean when we arrived.

Our accommodation looked something like this...

Dinner prepared from the kitchen. :D
Everything was perfect until we took our baths and brushed our teeth. The drainage in the shower cabin and the bathroom sink wasn't so good. It took some time before everything drains out it made me think of plumbing scarborough. I can understand that the bungalow is a bit old but since they already renovated the kitchen and the floors, why not the drainage system too? An expert vaughan plumber's advice will really be helpful in this case. I wonder it it's the same for the other bungalows in our block...

The children's playground where the little ones can play.
The Kinderclub also meets here.
The little girl enjoying the pedal boat.
But on the lighter side, the village is almost enough in itself. It has a bar and a restaurant that offers good food. There's three outdoor swimming pools at the center of the village where you can enjoy the sun and water. There's the lakeside beach where you can play beach volleyball and water sports equipment to rent to enjoy the lake. They also have an animation program in the evening and Kinderclub for children during the day so parents can also enjoy some "couple" time. The playground and minigolf was a favorite of the little one.

Info board shows you where is which....
I would love to go back here again to enjoy some idle days with the family. It is a good place to relax, to spend some quality time with your loved ones, to just do nothing.. :D 

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