Monday, July 29, 2013

Three Is Way Better Than One

Last Friday, the Filipino community here in Stuttgart held the annual Summer Fest. It began with the celebration of the holy eucharist. Thankfully, there were three guitarists who played: the hubby, ate Vicky and Jan, the son of one of our friends. Ate Vicky prepared the mass songs to be played and had copies distributed to the community. No, they didn't have any practice playing together but I thought they played very well, one song after another.

Hubby has a classical guitar with him. I think Ate Vicky has an acoustic guitar. Jan brought two guitars with him, one of which was his electric guitar. Now I don't quite know what the difference is between these three but I do know there is a difference. He also had a portable amplifier with him and I think a monster cable that he can connect to his instrument. Unfortunately he wasn't able to use it, since they realized using it might drown the two other guitars, which were not amplified. Monster cable or no, we were all able to hear the music coming from the three guitars playing. It may not be a perfect harmony but it was beautiful music just the same.

Hopefully in the upcoming eucharistic celebrations, there will be more guitar players who will volunteer to play. After all, three guitars playing is way better than one.

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