Monday, June 24, 2013

Home Renovations in Just 8 Days!

If there is one thing that I love about German television, it would definitely have to be the show "Zu Hause Im Glück" - which somehow translates to "happiness at home". Every week, the team would help a family who is in grave need of a house renovation because the family is held back from doing so due to a loss of a family, a serious sickness befalling a family member, and or financial dilemma. You could really tell that the house is in badly need of a renovation and you would really be amazed at the transformation.

I learn a lot from this show... it gives a lot of DIY ideas so that you can also do it on your own if you are really up to it. I also learn / get an idea as to how different tools such as laser guides, nailguns, and control levers are used, to how to install floor laminates and floor heating yourself! I get a lot of ideas on how to decorate the interiors of a room according to an individual's preferences and personality.

And you would really be amazed at the transformation of the house into a HOME... and all that in just EIGHT (8) days! And it is a really kind of dramatic ending... sometimes you see the entire family are teary-eyed. And what is really heartwarming: the look of delight in the eyes of the children whose dream of finally getting their own room designed according to their taste.

It is indeed an entertaining show and here's hoping that they may continue to be a blessing to others!

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