Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Healthy and More Active Lifestyle

I keep complaining that I don't look good each time I try a dress or anything on and that it is very difficult to find a pair of jeans or shirt or blouse that would fit my build. Since I had my baby, my weight just skyrocketed until I have crossed the obese BMI and was never really serious about taking action. Then it dawned on me that I was just all that: complaints. I know that I wouldn't just get back in shape unless I decide that I wanted to have a healthy lifestyle.

And mind you, losing weight is never an easy task. You really have to have the will power, the determination and the endurance to face all the challenges that come your way. It has been two weeks since I have been actively going to the fitness gym in the early morning to sweat it all out and although it is a bit disappointing to learn that I haven't lost significant weight, just the fact that I am moving and shaking my body and sweating it all out is enough drive for me. I am thinking, this is not just for my husband... this is above all for ME. If I want to look good and feel good, I have to be confident again with how I look and I can begin by losing weight.

Loving my blanched carrots and brocolli. I could have this for all my meals! :)
I have also started to change my diet into eating less carbs and more of fruits and vegetables. I also try not to eat red meat, prefering fish and chicken instead. I know that the changes will not be seen overnight as I've only just begun but I know that one day, choosing a healthy and more active lifestyle will bring me to my goals.

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