Monday, February 25, 2013

Gone Camping

With the new girlfriends from the neighborhood.
Look who's gone camping with her friends?

Well, it looks like the little girl is out camping with her friends but nah... this photo's just taken at home. 

Just where did she get the tent? My daughter was out window shopping with her doting Lola and saw this pretty pink Barbie bundle and insisted that they buy it. When they got home, I asked what it was she bought and she said, "Ein Zelt". It wasn't even assembled but she knows what's inside. I guess she just figured out from the image she saw in the packaging. True enough, it was indeed a tent. She placed the couch pillows inside to "furnish" it and made it into a small home. 

Bonding with cousin Miggy....
Parang nasa bahay lang.... Eh, nasa bahay lang naman talaga! :D
She enjoys playing inside but it could get very warm especially if she and her playmates would take down the flap. It would have been perfect in the garden, where it is cool and airy. 

Oh yes, my little girl has an eye for pretty things. She knows what she wants and gets away with it, especially if she is with her grandma. :)

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