Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So What's On Your Christmas List?

It is almost Christmas... I know because aside from the cold, I can already see photos of Christmas decors and the tree being put up that my friends have uploaded on the social network. I am too busy writing my thesis though so that I haven't even started my list yet. Hopefully, I will be done and over with it before the month ends so I can have time to clear my head and take care of other important stuff.

I have lots of nephews and nieces both on my side and my husband's side of the family and we are thinking of giving something unique to them. As to what that is, I still have no idea! But now that I am thinking about it and since most of them are nephews, maybe we can buy some soccer uniforms for them? Then we can have one team! Hehe... But who will be the coach? I guess if it's going to be a team, we would also need to find a coach and consider buying some coach gifts too... A set of uniforms for a kids' soccer team... That will really be bringing a piece of Germany with us back home! A good idea isn't it? Yes, I am now considering that....

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