Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dinner Is Ready and Waiting...

I had a class until 5:30PM today. I was so tired and I had to rush home because my family awaits. I am so tired to even think of what to make for dinner. Fried meat will of course be the quickest thing to do. 

When I got home, I found my little girl eating her usual bowl of cereal, which is mini cookies with milk, just the way she likes it. Then I found hubby busy in the kitchen, preparing of course, his favorite and very easy to prepare ramen recipe. He has been searching for a good but quick ramen recipe and since he found this one, we have been enjoying ramen at least once a week. It is even better than the ramen we had at a Japanese resto in Heidelberg. :D

So how did he make it? Pretty simple actually. He just crushed some ginger and garlic and then added chicken broth and a pack of dashi, a kind of Japanese seasoning available at Asian stores and about 300mL water and let it simmer. For the toppings, he boiled some eggs, soaked chinese cabbage in hot water for a few minutes, chopped some spring onions. He also cooked the ramen noodles al dente. Then in a large bowl, he poured in the soup stock, added in the cooked noodles, and put in the toppings. He purchased some sliced ham from the supermarket downstairs for the meat. After adding all the toppings in, he poured a small amount of hot water. And dinner is served!

It is a really good feeling to be coming home once in a while with dinner being served for you and not the other way around. And because the weather today is thankfully milder compared yesterday, it was perfect for a bowl of ramen. I wouldn't mind eating ramen everyday if it is this good! The weather must of course, cooperate.

Thanks hubby for the dinner!

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