Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There Is Money in Waste

"May Pera sa Basura"... this is how it is translated into my mother language. Indeed, there is a lot of income potential in waste, if you know how to treat it. I have participated in various educational excursions through the Waste Master Program of the University of Stuttgart. The different waste management facilities that we have been to, whether it is a private enterprise or a public institution, are living proof of that.

I guess one can really gain a lot of insight when studying the many different available technologies available for waste treatment, be it in the solid, waste or gas form. There are of course efforts towards waste management especially where solid waste is concerned and the regulations and laws are existing but as to its implementation, that still remains a question.

With the Philippines having so many problems, I guess environmental conservation is not really on the top list with the current administration. If I was not mistaken, it was stated last on the list in President Noynoy's platform of government and well, it was not very impressive for me. Of course, I could be mistaken as I am not currently living in my country.

I commend though the efforts of the many environmentally-concerned groups and organizations who are working hard to educate and implement the different waste programs decentrally. If only more effort and the national government would also make it a priority, they would be surprised at how much they can gain back from waste and in the process, help to ensure environmental sustainability. There is still a long way to go.... but it is doable.

Well, it's just me, seriously thinking....

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