Friday, August 26, 2011

Mommy Moments: Sam and Nutrition

Did I mention before that my girl is a picky eater? She would prefer chocolates over a meal... but that was before. Now, I am happy to say that she is eating better and would only eat sweets after she has eaten the main meal. She can eat by herself but of course we spoon feed her especially if she is distracted with other things.

She also eats a variety of fruits... She likes to eat peaches, apples, banana, honey melon, strawberry and grapes, depending on her mood. I guess seeing other kids eating a variety of fruits at the kindergarten and experiencing harvesting the fruit herself has allowed her to better appreciate how different fruits taste like.

For breakfast, she usually eats cereal with milk, "sowie Kuya Mark" as she would always say, referring to the cereal with milk that her Kuya Mark eats for breakfast when we went camping together at Südsee Camp a few months ago. She also likes cheese and bread and ice cream. Every now and then, we allow her to eat ice cream especially on very hot days.

There is no food pyramid yet but I guess it is a great guide in preparing healthy meals and snacks for my little girl. I guess I should keep that in mind the next time I prepare menus for her.

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Rcel said...

Yay! Can I help with the strawberry picking? Lol. Fruits are indeed the best for children! Kaso anak ko, ayaw talaga kumain ng banana. Hmmp! She eats a variety, though.

Visiting for MM with my share I TALK HEALTH! Hope to see you at mine and have a great weekend!

Tetcha said...

Like Sam, my son loves bread and cheese, too. I'm glad that when we ask him what snack he would bring to school, he would often say, bread and cheese or Cheese Whiz. I'm sure my son will enjoy fruit picking, too, but they don't have that in school. Happy MM! Here's my entry:

Chris said...

strawberry picking!! i would love my kids to experience that :D

it is so cool that little sam loves fruits. i wish my kids would like them as well. i like fruits too!

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