Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lost In The Middle Of Nowhere

I have always wondered how motorbikers find their way around many different places. On our travels, we always find lots of motorbikers stopping for some rest at service or parking areas, all geared up and their motorbikes packed too. Such an adventorous and carefree life, don't you think?

If we could get lost while driving our way around the Black Forest, what more for these motorbikers? It is really amazing how they can find themselves around highways, streets and corners. Perhaps they just have a very effective navigation system such as the garmin zumo 220 motorcycle gps online that is specially designed for motorbikers.

There are lots of curvy and narrow roads here in Germany and I guess for bikers, it is a haven for them. For bikers equipped with a very good and reliable gps system, there are not limits as to their destinations. Who would get lost in the middle of nowhere then?

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