Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TCP#98: Girl Interrupted

Oopps! I did it again! I am late again for my entry... Apologies my dears! I honestly could not blog because I had to work with my team in our Design for a Wastewater Treatment Plant task. Perhaps soon, I will be designing a WWTP for the municipal wastewater in the Philippines one of these days! Haha! How I wish!

Anyway, welcome to the 98th edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes. Before I proceed to my pick for the theme Insanity & Delution, just a question: Have you joined my giveaway yet? If not, then please do so for a chance to win a Blu-Ray or DVD movie of your choice. To join, click HERE.

And now for my pick: Girl Interrupted, a movie that stars two of my favorite actresses: Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie. It is about Susanna, an Englishwoman who stayed for 18 months at a mental institution. There, she met Lisa, a sociopath. Who would't lose their mind in the company of Lisa? This movie is a great one I would like to watch it again!

Joining us this week? Don't forget to add your link URL in the linky below:

Thank you for joining us this week here on TCP! Hope you can all join us again next week for the theme: Witchraft. With the last installation of Harry Potter now out in cinemas, I am sure you have more others in mind that revolves around the theme. Whether it is white or black magic, witchcraft will always be an interesting theme for a Hollywood movie.

Happy TCP everyone!


Mommy Jes said...

hi is there a theme for this? coz I thinki I am not giving a right topic here please guide me Thanks!

kamz said...

Hi Mommy Jes! thanks for joining TCP. the theme for this Tuesday is Insanity and Delusion. :D

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