Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Cleaning Time

Being a mom, a housewife and a full time graduate school student all at the same time is a balancing act. It is an everyday challenge and there are really days when I can't 100% in a certain area. Sometimes, the house is a great mess, sometimes the hubby goes to work without having breakfast, sometimes I skip classes just so I can do laundry and we will have something to wear the next day.

It is a blessing that my Fridays are already free, which means I have an extra day in which I can choose what to do. Today I prefer to just stay home and do the cleaning. The bathroom badly needs to be scrubbed clean, especially the bath tub, the shower cubicle and of course, the double bowl sinks which I must say is really a blessing especially if hubby and I are both in a hurry and wouldn't want to take turns in using the sink. Then there's the dried laundry that needs to be pressed and folded, and some more dirty laundry to be washed. But it is a cold day today and washing the linen is not a very good idea. I hope that tomorrow we will have some sunshine to dry the linen outside.

Thankfully, my little girl cleared up her mess from last night and I only need to vacuum the floors. Maybe she will also help me vacuum if she is in the mood. She likes to vacuum the carpet you know. And oh, I musn't forget to clean the toilet and disinfect it. With my little girl now off the diaper and certified toilet-trained, I need the toilet as germ-free and clean as possible. I wouldn't want her getting tummy ache because of some E.coli that got lost somewhere. :D

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OSeñorita said...

Being a mom sure is a lot of work. But someones gotta do it! Whew, and it's always a wonder how we, mom's could do all the job. Guess all mom's are a Supermom!!!

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