Friday, July 29, 2011

Camping at Südsee Camp

Travelling is our way of relaxing, detoxing and recharging. Most often than not, we would visit a place that we haven't been to yet and we usually travel by car. Why? Because we get to see the countryside and the landscape that the expressway provides. My little girl also loves long distance travels so it is not a problem for us.

The latest trip that we made was at Südsee Camp, which is about 85km south of Hamburg, Germany. It is located in Wietzendorf in Soltau near the Lüneberger Heide in Lower Saxony. It is essentially a camping site where one can rent vacation homes, villas or mobile homes. There are also available rental spaces for those who have mobile homes attached to their car with a curt trailer hitch. It is a great place for the family as it has lots of facilities that include swimming pools, restaurant, playgrounds for kids, trampoline, a lake, mini-golf, a high ropes course, pony or horseback riding, karting and biking, and lots more!

We stayed there for five days and four nights along with a friend and her son and did we have lots of fun! Hubby and my friend's son braved the high ropes course and hubby faced and conquered one of his greatest fears: heights. At six meters above ground, who wouldn't?

We also enjoyed the pool with its artificial waves and whirlpool and slides. My daughter especially loved the kiddie slides. We didn't get to dip in the lake though as the water was very cold. Our trip was of course incomplete without an excursion around the town of Soltau and to Hamburg. But that is another story altogether.


kim said...

nice camping! love your pics, girl! wish we could go camping as well, or... to to Germany, lol!

a visit from kim!

OSeñorita said...

Seems like an enjoyable bonding activities with the family.

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