Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Should Be Shirt Mode

The good thing about living in a continental climate is that you get to wear different kinds of clothes. In the summer season, we stow away our thick pullovers and jackets and long sleeved shirts and take out the light, thin-materialed clothing and shirts to make the heat more bearable.

Problem is, it is the middle of the summer season here and the sun is hiding. Yes, you read it right... No sun for like more than a week now. We have been getting cloudy and rainy days, with thunderstorms in between. We are lucky if we can feel the sun shine even for a couple of hours. It was raining the whole day today and I had to hang my laundry inside to dry. It is really sad, to think that in a few months, autumn will be here. I am even thinking of wearing funny t shirts just to keep the days brighter and cheerier (if there is ever a word) and to take humor with me. And it really is unbelievable to see people wearing thick jackets in the middle of summer! Even I refused to take out my jackets and just stuck to wearing my cardigans as jackets and they are not enough to ward off the cold. Seriously.

The weatherman said that it will be better in the days to come, with clouds and sun and dry days but the temperatures are still between 13-21°C. I know I shouldn't complain too much, with so many people especially in tropical and dry countries wishing for cooler days but I so miss the hot summer weather that I grew up to.

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