Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hollywood and the Bipolar Disorder

I have heard some few months ago about Catherine Zeta-Jones breaking her silence and announcing to the media that she is checking into a mental facility for the treatment of Bi-Polar II disorder. And she is not alone who has been reported to have this mental illness. Joining the ranks are some of the big names in Hollywood including Mel Gibson, Carrie Fisher, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Linda Hamilton, Burgess Meredith, Ben Stiller, and film directors Tim Burton and Joshua Logan to name a few.

Whether it is bipolar, depression, anxiety or panic, it is important to get treatment to protect yourself and others. I bet these Hollywood stars have been on a dual diagnosis treatment so that they are still doing what they are doing these days: keeping us entertained by producing and making good films.

But what is bipolar disorder? This manic-depressive disorder that includes severe depressive episodes and periods of grandiose behaviors in the bipolar spectrum is seen in people every day throughout normal life. Almost everyone has heard of Vincent van Gogh, one of the most famous artists of all time. It is believed that he had bipolar disorder, which allowed him to create magnificent artwork and pieces of history.

But why is it so popular among talented people? Because in one way or another, artists, writers, and musicians will all show signs of some sort of depression or bipolar in polarity. And it is not only applicable to famous people. Anyone of us could have it too as we are also subject to stress triggers and depression at some points in our lives. So be careful.

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OSeñorita said...

I admire Catherine Zeta-Jones' bravery for coming out into the public and announcing what she's going through. It also made us aware that such disorder really exists.

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