Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Outpouring of Support

Last Monday evening, I was worried sick about Samantha. She had a temperature then and so I took time off blogging. After all, a mom's duty is to her family first, the others are secondary. She is getting better each day and is now becoming her usual bubbly self. She has cough attacks every now and then though, and I frown at the possibility of asthma because Hubby had in when he was a kid, his cousins have it, his aunts have it, his nephews have it. In short, it runs in the family. But I sure hope and pray that Samantha won't acquire it because it could be very difficult for a small child. But nah, worrying won't do any good. I know that God won't allow Samantha to suffer any further.

I am just amazed at how supportive all my blogging friends are. My previous post received lots of well wishes, understanding, advice, and prayers for Samantha and I AM GRATEFUL! I am touched by your lovely messages and I count myself lucky to have found good friends in all of you. God does work in mysterious ways. We may have never met yet but the warmth of your friendship and the concern of a friend surely came knocking on my door!

Thanks everyone! Will be back to blogging soon!


spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Kikamz. I have the same fears for my daughter. I have asthma,which I seem to have inherited from my Dad. Hopefully, I won't pass it on to my daughter.Hope your little one's completely well now. :)

niko said...

i will be waiting kamz! take ur time with sam.. kiss her for me please :)


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