Thursday, September 3, 2009

Letter to Sam

My Dearest Sam,

as I look at you peacefully sleeping, I smile at the fact that you have grown so much! Your first eighteen months have been a challenging, amazing, awesome, funny, worthwhile and very satisfying experience for me.

I know the time will come when you will learn to be independent, but for now, I will take my time to take care of you and your needs. It may seem to you sometimes that Mommy gets exhausted but that is not because she is tired of you but because she is just tired. So forgive Mommy is she sometimes doesn't give you enough attention that you need.

You know Sam, you surprise me and your Daddy in many ways, and we can see some pieces of us in you. You surely are always such a delight, surprising us with your insensible mumblings, antics and gestures of love and caring. You watch the TV and then suddenly give a shout of laughter as if Spongebob or Tomas amused you. You come to me and hug me tight and then you give me a long smack on my lips. You wake up carrying your pillow, and in your funny "I-just-woke-up" look, walk straight to me with a smile and give me your morning hug. Ah, I feel so blessed and lucky to get those in the mornings! Sometimes you are stubborn too and would not do what I want you to do. Perhaps Mommy is giving out very complicated instructions? Mommy will try to make them simpler next time. Taking a bath is always a delight for you and you would eagerly lead me to the bathroom each time I say "Ligo na sam!" or you would drag me to the bathroom if I haven't bathe you yet. When you are in real pain, you would cry and wail and it always breaks my heart. But it is never too hard to calm you down. And I thank the heavens that I have such a happy child, one who is never too difficult to take care of.

I have so much to tell you Sam. Perhaps, I should make this Letters to Sam a regular so that I can immortalize all my memories of you. Thanks to Mys, I think I just will.

You will always be our little baby Sam. No matter how much you will grow. No matter what happens. And Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

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niko said...

oi very touching letter to sam.. she is such a sweet baby.. yena is sweet and stubborn just like ur sam.. :)

id like to join that meme :) weeeeh! i love writing letters :)

nikogirl said...

how can i join the meme of mys??? weeee is there a theme every week?? hala naexcite na ko.. punta ko kay mys now na..

musta kn pla kamz?? di kn nagpaparamdam ha.. busy kay sam? i know :D heheh miss u!

Mys said...

amazing entry.thanks for joining. i hope you really enjoy doing them. any suggestions for themes or topics will be greatly appreciated.

EJ said...

What a loving Mom you are!

ryliej said...

sarap naman, so caring!

ghieGANDA said...

Wow kikamz dear.. This is so sweet.

How r u? =)

Kikit said...

The joy of being a mother. Very sweet K :)

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