Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Love ME!

There's a new meme born today called Girls Talk! and it's all about being a girl! Kudos to my dear Aniknik for thinking this. Today, we will post about "Why I Love Being A Girl."

Why do I love ME? Hmmm... Let me count the whys...
  1. I love being ME because foremost, God me this way.
  2. I love being ME because I can grow my hair long without someone scolding me that I badly need a haircut! And I can have my ears pierced without someone raising an eyebrow.
  3. I love being ME because I can have the excuse of not doing too much during my period. That means more time for me to just laze about. Hihihi!
  4. I love being ME for all the nice and cute stuff that I can have in my possession without someone raising an eyebrow.
  5. I love being ME because when I am moody, I am moody. And that's just it!
  6. I love being ME because I can be very patient and understanding at the most unexpected circumstance.
  7. I love being ME because I can cry over sappy old movies and I love the teasing that comes with the crying.
  8. I love being ME because I can do things even if I have NO previous experience of how it is done. Think Motherhood and all the tasks that go with it. Agree with me?
  9. I love being ME because I can go shopping till I drop!
  10. I love being ME because I love weddings and all the preparations that go with it
How about you? Why do you love being a Girl? Share it with us on Girls Talk!


Mys said...

great answers! being able to do something even without experience - Motherhood - i love the way you wrote that one.

niko said...

i was laughing.. i now know am not alone.. marami palang moody dito :D LOL

and syempre blame sa period ang laziness LOL.. same here! ang hirap naman tlga kumilos haler :)

thanks for all the support girl, thanks for joining this week.. thanks sa lahat and see you next week!!

hugs and kisses

Mommy Liz said...

Wohoo! That is definitely a girl thing..Love all your answers there. You go GIRL!!!

nuts said...

love everything in this entry. love being me.. :)

nuts said...

true! we're moody, moody and thats it! love it.

Rossel said...

i love no. 8 the most! motherhood is the best in being a girl.

genejosh/genefaith said...

I agree with you about #10! I simply love weddings-the favors, the dresses..I just love hovering over wedding magazines ...hope to have a wedding dress boutique with all the planner kaya?..he..he...

Thanks sa visit..I'll add you too...

Chris said...

definitely.. girl power!

Random WAHM Thoughts said...

tama ung kapag may period may excuse maging tamad! haha! galing! oo nga, ako kasi ginagawa ko din un pag inaatake ako ng katamaran. niahehe.

here's mine:

darly said...

haha, we always have PMS and paglilihi to justify our mood swings and food cravings..

Girls rule. Till next week.

Clarissa said...

Same here!I love #10,too!!I love being the wedding planner of my brother's wedding and some of my friends while I was still in the Philippines!Ang sarap ng feeling pagkatapos ng wedding nila!^_^

Thanks for dropping by,Mommy Kikamz!!Have a blissful weekend to you and your family!!^_^

Liz said...

I'm moody too! So moody, haha.

pehpot said...

parang lahat tayo "obligado" sumali no.. wahaha

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Yami said...

Mga iyakin, moody at kung anu-ano pa. We may be created this way pero paano na lang ang mundo kung wala ang mga GIRLS!

Thanks for the visit. I'm following you now. madalas kitang mabasa thru kumareng Pehpot. :D

Sis, exchange link tayo ha. Thanks!

Have a nice weekend to you and your family. :D

Seiko said...

Agree w/ you in # 1 Mommy! :D

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

I like your answers! ^_^ especially yung 8...parang gusto ko na tuloy mag baby hhee.. ^_^ pero plan namin nxt year pa ^_^
I love being a girl too! ^_^

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