Monday, September 16, 2013

What To Consider When Buying
Garden Furniture

On most days, we dream about summer evenings with family and friends, chilling or having a grill party in the garden, terrace or balcony. There is just something in the open air that is relaxing and very conducive for open talk. Wouldn't it be nice to have an outdoor extension of your living room? 

Whether you have a terrace, a balcony or a garden at home, you can always create your outdoor living room. But if you  are not sure how to begin and where to begin, here are a few things to consider so you can enjoy your living room extension the whole year through:

1. How big is your outdoor space? Is it as big as a sprawling garden or small like a snug balcony? It is essential to choose garden furniture that will complement the size of your ourdoor space. You also need to consider the number of people who will be using it and for which purpose. Would you like it to be multi-functional, to be used both by kids and adults alike? An extendable rectangular table will be perfect for parties where you expect a large number of guests. Storage benches are perfect for storing cushions, blankets and kids toys.

Metal garden furniture with a parasol is perfect for your garden. 

2. What type of material would you like your outdoor furniture to be? Whether wood, metal or woven, each type of material is unique in itself and will require some level of maintenance. 

Wood is probably the most loved material when it comes to furniture because it lends warmth and it ages beautifully. One must however treat wooden furniture with care to prevent it from drying out and rotting. Re-glazing and sanding your wooden furniture may be required every now and then.

Metal is robust and can stand any weather condition. It is durable, rust-free and requires low maintenance. So if you want furniture that can stand the bitter cold of winter and the scorching heat of summer, then metal furniture would be a good choice. And because it can be bent and shaped, there are many possible designs to choose from: from contemporary to Victorian, from elegant to sleek lines. 

Woven material is perfect for gardens because it blends almost perfectly with shrubbery and plants. Depending on the material, the type of maintenance needed also varies. Woven furniture from resin material usually require lesser maintenance as they are easier to clean while woven furniture from rattan or natural fibres may require some treatment every now and again. Regardless of the material, they are perfect for outdoor use and can stand any weather condition.

3.  Breath life into your outdoor space. Customize it by adding a few personal touches. Lighting will always add to the ambience that you want to create. Parasols will help to protect you from the sun's harmful rays. A gazebo is perfect for BBQ parties and can offer protection from those summer showers or provide privacy for an utter relaxation. Adding some cushions into your garden furniture will bring the comfort of the indoors out. You can also add some decking to section off an area for lounging or to just up the look of your balcony. 

So there you have it! And who says you can't have an outdoor party in these wet and gloomy autumn days? With the right garden furniture and additional personal touches, you still can enjoy your outdoor space the whole year round. 


Yami said...

If I have an ample space for a garden I would probably go for wood furniture, maganda kasi.

Badet said...

I agree with Yami, I like wooden furnitures in the garden so that it blends well with the plants and the trees.

Tetcha Figuerres said...

Oh, how I wish we have a garden space at home that I can fill with lovely outdoor furniture. That would really be nice, but that's only a dream for now because we live in a small condo unit at the moment.

Ruby said...

this is indeed true..all of these should be considered! thanks sa visit sis! wre kayo dito sa DE?

jared's mum said...

a space for a garden is really something i dream about. i'd fill it with pots of herbs + flowering plants. + yes, wood furniture would definitely look fab in an outdoor garden.

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