Friday, September 6, 2013

5 Ways To Go Green
This Autumn

The days are getting colder and we can feel it in the chill of the crisp morning breeze. Soon the leaves will turn red, orange and gold, the trees will soon shed their leaves but autumn is still a good way to become green.

So how to go green this fall season? Here are some five ways to get you started:

1. Buy green. Choose products that are environment friendly. If you have a home office, opt to buy eco-friendly office supplies. Although you may have heard it a thousand times, always recycle! What do you do with those tons of paper that's been printed on one side? You can use the other side for just about anything: notes, as sketch paper for your little ones to draw on, to print your drafts on. Once both sides are used up, you can collect them again to be sent to recycling facilities.

You can always look for these logos so you will know that a product is eco-friendly or supports environmental and sustainability causes:

2. Keep the bills down this cold season. Instead of turning up the heat, grab a sweater. Improve your knitting or crocheting skills by making a throw. If there's no one in the house, then by all means turn off your heater. Or better yet, get a programmable thermostat so you're only heating the house when everybody is at home.

3. Walk! The cold is always a good excuse to get into the car to make a trip to the groceries but try to minimize this one. Walking is a healthy routine that you should not miss except on days when the roads are really dangerous to thread on. The cool crisp air and the foliage is something to be enjoyed while they last.

Pumpkins of different shapes, sizes and color for your Halloween decor.
4. With the fall season comes Halloween. If you are decorating your home for the halloween, opt for the natural and non-commercial. Buy locally grown pumpkins to be used as gourds and jack-o-lanterns. Use recycled paper  to decorate your windows. Be creative and you will have a nicely decorated home with no extra spending.

5. What to do with all those fallen leaves? Collect them and compost them. Once the spring season comes, you will have your own organic fertilizer to enrich your garden soil. You can also use the leaves as fuel if you have a fireplace. These leaves make good decorations too!


Tetcha Figuerres said...

Even if we don't have autumn here in the Philippines, I still do some of the things you have listed here, like recycling papers. I used the back of printed papers as mock-up tests when reviewing my son for his quizzes or exams. Not only do we save money by doing this, we're also helping Mother Earth by doing an environment-friendly act.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

Whether it's Fall or not, we still practice going green. It's the only thing we could do for mother Earth

kamz said...

Indeed Tetcha! We must always do our share right? By the way, are there any paper recycling facility in your area?

kamz said...

So true Peachy... we all must do our share.

Dewee said...

collecting leaves!! and enjoying pumpkin soup and pumpkin caramel salted drink!! yay!

ellen avanzado said...

yeah!! i'm also an advocate of cloth diapers back here...i'm spreading the word to let people know how much trash disposable diapers make plus we get to save on our monthly expenses on disposable diapers..:)

Rachelle said...

Hah! We'll be moving to a new home next month and your post is just in time. We have to keep our bills down due to higher rent. Plus I wish I have the mood to decorate our new home for halloween. :)

Badet said...

Thanks for the tips! We all should practice green ways for the love of Mother Earth.

Kikit said...

Great ideas K. I love the walking concept. It's like hitting two birds at the same time: you get in shape and at the same time, you help prevent air pollution.

Mommy Pehpot said...

great tips marce! ako I always walk..not only helps the environment, beneficial din para sa akin :)

mommy Peachy said...

Back here again and loving the photo of the pumpkins

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