Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mesmerized With
The Flamenco Dance

If you are visiting Barcelona or any city in Spain for that matter, one of the best cultural experiences is watching a flamenco performance. So on our recent visit to Barcelona, we went to go see one on our first night. It was at the Tablao Flamenco Cordobes, located in La Rabla one of the the busiest parts of the city. And it was indeed a very memorable experience!

I booked days ahead for this performance so we can get a good seat. We chose the Afternoon Show for 5:45 PM so we still have time to explore the city later. :D We were all given a glass of cava so we can enjoy the show whilst drinking.

A date with my husband in Barcelona.

As the lights dim and the noise settled down inside the Tablao, I can't help but feel the excitement and awe growing in the audience. The music, the rhythm of the dancing shoes and hands, the clinking of the castanets and the beautiful voice and graceful dancers all mix together to create a very vibrant and mesmerizing performance. Although I do not understand the lyrics in the songs, you can feel the intensity of the emotions of the dancers as they interpret the music and the story. For me, it was a very passionate, intense and mesmerizing... indeed a beautiful experience of Barcelona.

We weren't allowed to take photos and videos during the performace except for the last five minutes so we only had a few photos taken. I guess it is in itself a good thing so you get to really enjoy the show instead of being preoccupied with your camera to get that good shot.

After a little over an hour, we left Tablao Flamenco Cordobes very happy and filled with excitement on the coming days. I have a feeling that the city of Barcelona has a lot more beautiful and exciting things to offer. We have just been to one.

Interested in watching a flamenco performance while in Barcelona? You can find more information on the Tablao Flamenco Cordobes website at

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Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

Oh, what a wonderful way to spend the night with the love of your life: witness a stunning flamenco dance performance. If we happen to visit Spain, then that's one of the things we'll surely not miss.

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