Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An Apple A Day...

There's this old English adage that says, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

I was browsing throught the third quarter issue of "Das Magazin", our power provider's customer publication and saw this on the back cover:

Photo von EnBW Das Magazin, 03/13 Issue
This is indeed TRUE and even scientists know this. The soluble fiber in apples helps reduce intestinal disorders. The pectin helps reduce cholesterol levels. It's packed with Vitamin C, A and flavonoids and is a source of potassium that helps promote heart health. It can help reduce skin diseases and helps in weight management. Not only this! An apple contains 80 kcal of energy, enough energy for you to do a 20-minute exercise in the morning to jump start your day. It helps to keep you fit!

So the next time you find yourself wanting to splurge on chips, grab an apple instead. It's more healthy and it does help "keep the doctor away".... :)

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Admin said...

i believed this is true..pero minsan kakasawa nang kain ng apple sis..haha..thanks sa visit..saan ka pala sa DE..ingat!

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