Friday, July 6, 2012

Little Girl Talk

My little girl loves to talk... And she also loves to ask a ton of questions. I guess that is how it is with children her age. They are always so curious and would ask, "how does it work?", "what is that?", "why is it called like that"... and the more I answer, the more she asks. Like this afternoon, she asked about something that she saw at a construction  site. She was pointing out at something very huge and reached high up and I told her that it was a crane. And then she asked "what is that for?" in German. With my limited German, I was at a loss for words. And I just gave her a silly grin.. Hehe! Sometimes, I would just run out of words. I am literally left speechless with her endless questions.

This is her... Ain't she big already?

My little girl also has a very good imagination. Because she loves to watch arts and craft shows for children, she kind of adapted the "instructor" way of talking... telling how things should be done in a procedural way. It is kind of cute really. There was even this one time when she showed me how to make a paper bird. Unfortunately, when I tried to make a video of her, she stopped talking. I must remember to blog about it in my future posts.

Most of the time, she would role play by herself and play out the roles of different characters and the scene is usually from the kindergarten. I would listen and it really amazes me at how much she has progressed in terms of expressing herself.

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