Sunday, July 15, 2012

Always In A Rush

It is already the middle of the year. I know I still have a ton of things to do before I finish my master thesis. There is a ton of data waiting to be analyzed and many chapters to write for my report. I still need to submit my master thesis registration to the Waste Program office. I hope I don't forget to turn it in on Monday. 

Because most of the time, I am busy time seems to fly until it is time to pick my daughter up from the Kindergarten. Weeks pass me by like a breeze and before I know it, it will soon be Christmas day. I do hope I manage to finish it on time so that I will have time to relax and to do other creative stuff like making some christmas cards photos to be sent out to family and friends before the Christmas rush gets the better of me. I also need to pack up for a much deserved vacation. That is something I really look forward to since it has been years since I came home to my home country. 

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