Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Hunt Continues...

I am no fanatic but I do like to watch Nicolas Cage films... I especially like the action-adventure mystery series: National Treasure, which is about uncovering hidden troves and secrets from America's past. In the movie, I remember masonry appearing very prominently, with one of the Masons wearing a ring, to prove he is one. I wonder if it was one of those tungsten masonic rings he was wearing...

I like the film for its mystery and like most mystery movies, the National Treasure is more of a fantasy movie than something based on facts. The direction by Jerry Bruckheimer was superd and I enjoyed the acting of Nicolas Cage as he played the role of Benjamin Franklin Gates. It was a success because it is one of those family adventure films that the entire family can appreciate although there are still some PG scenes.

Watch out for the National Treasure 3, which is reported by IMdB to be released in 2013. Hmmm... another movie to watch coming our way soon.....

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