Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A House By The Beach

I have always wanted to own a beachfront property so that I can enjoy either the sunrise or the sunset or both. Growing up in a tropical country, going to the beach for swimming or to just enjoy the scenery is a common past time. But now that I am living in central Europe where the beach is hundreds of kilometers away and the water is very cold for bathing, going to the beach is a luxury... like a grand vacation. And I find myself dreaming of tropical beaches especially on cold, winter days.

The absence of beaches has made owning a beachfront property all the more attractive and exciting for me. I always find myself browsing for sunset beach real estate at SeaCoastRealty.com. Maybe I can find a nice property at an affordable price. It would definitely be great to come home to our very own beach property when we have our vacation. I can bask in the sun for hours on end. I can already imagine myself lying on a sunlounger, absorbed in my favorite book, with a tall tumbler of cold buko juice at my disposal. Now that's what I call GRAND!

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Ally said...

Amen sista! Can I get a witness! Yes you can, me. Hate to be a Debbie Downer but what about mosquitos? Those always seem to feature in my outdoor experiences. Great fun: Beachfront property. Not so much fun: Hantavirus

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